What We Do

What We Do

Cradle to Career brings together resources, courageous leadership and innovation from throughout the community to help students achieve key milestones along their pathway to adulthood. We do this through focused, data-driven action to improve performance and the scaling of effective practices by aligning resources for what works.

Build a Shared Community Vision of Long-Term Impact: We support and align leaders and practitioners with a relentless focus on putting innovation into action.

Put the Right Data in the Hands of the Right People at the Right Time: We broker access to data and build capacity among our partner schools and agencies to use data to improve.

Align Resources to the Practices that Get Results: We listen to educators and service providers to give system leaders and investors insights that allow them to align resources to support what works.

Put Equitable Outcomes at the Center: We work with our partners and individuals (parents and young people) with lived experience to develop relevant solutions and use data to highlight gaps and accelerate progress to eliminate disparities.

The work on the ground is where innovation emerges. We are currently working with 10 different community and school sites. At these sites, we provide coaching and technical support to help teams identify, measure and evaluate tangible practices to guide local community improvement and inspire countywide scaling. Together we are driving systemic change—from the ground up.

Our Theory Of Change

Cradle to Career believes that collective impact through collaborative action within a framework of continuous improvement will produce better educational and life outcomes for our students.

  • Collective Impact: The result of people working together to create sustained, noticeable change
  • Collaborative Action: Co-executing improvement plans in a relationship built on trust
  • Continuous Improvement: An ongoing process of using data to set goals, plan interventions, act, reflect and adjust….and repeat.

We use this framework to improve outcomes across seven different milestones we want every child to achieve across the birth to career continuum.

To learn more about what we are doing to improve these outcomes, click here.

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