Middle School Math Change Network

Our Work

We are convening partners to review local data, identify factors that drive improvement as well as hinder it and develop small tests of change to determine possible interventions for scale.

Aspiration: Every 8th grader performs at or above grade level in math.

Indicator: Percent of 8th graders passing math state standards

Data Dashboard

What does the data tell us?
"Across Pima County the achievement gap is just too high. This is why many districts are adopting a culturally responsive pedagogy framework to train teachers how to engage student voice in the curriculum. With the research supporting culturally responsive pedagogy, we can anticipate hearing more about it in the coming years."

Why is this outcome important?
"Eighth grade math proficiency is a cornerstone of educational priorities. High school algebra, which students typically take in ninth grade, is one of the benchmarks that predict high school graduation and college readiness. If our middle school students reach high school unprepared for algebra, they are not ready to succeed, and our system has failed them." 

Michael Konrad, Director of Middle Schools, Tucson Unified School District

Current Priorities: Action Plan under development


Amphi Public Schools

Baboquivari Unified School District 

Marana Unified School District

Sahuarita Unified School District

Sunnyside Unified School District

Tucson Unified School District

UA Center for Recruitment and Retention of Math Teachers


Cradle to Career Partnership