School Teams Jump Into Testing Literacy Practice Changes

Following the launch of C2C's Early Grade Literacy Change Network, the seven schools participating have jumped into their improvement initiatives

C2C staff has begun site-based meetings with several schools testing changes to lesson plans, student grouping, and classroom design. Looking at data in new ways has helped to reframe their conversations about the potential for teacher-led solution design. At Quail Run Elementary in Marana, teachers have designed a new space for their students to have additional reading time, while in the Sunnyside school district, the Los NiƱos team is finding new ways to create reading role models for student-led peer learning. Rather than prescribing a specific strategy or intervention, this practice improvement process focuses on empowering educators to gain new perspectives on developing instructional goals within a proven scientific approach to problem-solving. While each team is working on a project unique to their own particular circumstances, collectively they are employing a framework for improvement that will allow their learnings to be shared and spread across the network. C2C looks forward to the next several months as each team designs their next step.

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