C2C Statement of Support for Proposition 481

Pima Community College (PCC) is currently restricted to the lowest per-student investment of any community college in Arizona.

As a result of an outdated historic formula, PCC is not allowed to spend all of the money it regularly receives on its students. Consequences of the status quo include PCCā€™s inability to expand in-demand job training programs in nursing, aviation, construction, information technology, and many other essential professions. This affects not only individuals and families striving to pursue career opportunities, but also local business, healthcare, and public sector hiring.

Proposition 481 asks Pima County voters to increase the limit on the amount of money Pima Community College can spend on students ā€“ from within funds already allocated ā€“ at no additional cost to the taxpayers. There is no tax increase associated with this proposition.

The mission of the Cradle to Career Partnership is to ensure that every student in Pima County is prepared for success in school and life, ensuring the economic vitality of our community and Prop 481 is in direct alignment with this mission.

Cradle to Career Partnership