About Us

C2C is setting higher expectations in order to improve educational and life outcomes for the more than 300,000 young people living in Pima County, Arizona.

The Partnership

Our Vision

Successful children…engaged community…thriving economy.

Our Mission

The mission of the Cradle to Career Partnership is to prepare every child for success in school and life, ensuring the economic vitality of our community.

Our Goals

1. Every child is prepared for school.
2. Every student is successful in school and graduates prepared for college, career and success in life.
3. All young people complete post-secondary education or training to prepare for a career.
4. Every young adult enters a career.

These goals align with 7 community-wide educational milestones that the partnership has chosen to commit to improving.

Our Role

To help Pima County realize our vision and act upon our mission, C2C:

  • Articulates the major educational challenges facing the county and tracks the progress being made to address those challenges by conducting research and communicating relevant data and findings
  • Encourages and facilitates change networks designed to address those educational challenges
  • Identifies effective practices to spread what’s working and
  • Develops prototype models that test and refine strategies for removing barriers to high educational aspiration and achievement

A National Movement With Proven Results

sustaining-badge C2C has met a rigorous set of benchmarks to earn its membership as a sustaining partnership in this national network. The StriveTogether framework provides C2C with strategic assistance that helps build on opportunities, solve issues, and overcome challenges.

Leadership Council

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